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Cisco IP Communicator V86rarrar darmahi




All you need is a web browser and you can use your Windows PC as a mobile telephone.!!! 'Let's play'.. hello yeah, all Windows-based softphones use Internet Explorer but then my wireless network card seems to do something on its own when i turn off/on the switch, it connects for about a second or two before dropping the connection It's very nice chatting here and for some reason it never gives me an IP address what the hell is it? how can i find the logs for ubuntu? pilne: XP wireless, which makes it more troublesome, then? I'd have thought that would be rather rare, so I'd ignore it for now. wireless isn't XP, that's why i'm confused pilne: Are you sure your wireless network card is working? pilne: Sometimes laptops have trouble detecting wireless devices, and you have to look in the bios for setting, or in the power settings to see if it has a wireless switch that you can toggle yerushalmi: it isnt an issue, it just started happening no.. no bios it doesnt even seem to try to detect a network. it just sits there with the host name displayed in a box that says connection timed out I am trying to install a samba share. I am using the command sudo mount -t cifs //linuxpc/share /home/ben/ pilne: It sounds like it might be a driver issue or something. That's all I can think of. yerushalmi: i just went to my network place on my mobile device and it works fine there pilne: Well, there are other issues, then, not just that one. other issues? pilne: This:



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Cisco IP Communicator V86rarrar darmahi

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