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Manifesting your Desires by Creating a Vision Board

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

As we transition in to the new year we must remember that while it is good to set goals for ourselves it is vital that we do not create unnecessary pressure in doing so. The concept of new beginnings, change, transition can and does happen every day, not just “of a Monday” or on the 1st of January. We decide our new beginnings and we are entitled to as many of them as we like. It is so important that we remember that at the core of our aspirations should be true and authentic wellness and wholeness. Really considering what that means for you, focusing internally first and then considering the external parts is how we should be approaching our goal setting.

A wonderful way of putting out our positive aspirations is to create a visual representation of what we wish for ourselves moving forward. The art making element of the work that I do as an art therapist can be a great way of doing this because of the tangible nature of the image. Visual representations give us something to look out, outside of ourselves and in the creating of them in physical form make them real..

You might have already heard of the concept of the Vision Board. The Vision Board is based on the concept of creative visualisation, most popularly recognized in book The Law of Attraction (E. Hicks, JHicks, 2006) The concept is largely based around the idea that if we visualise what it is that we desire, it, in a sense, is already so. The neuropsychology of the phenomenon is far more complex but on a very basic level there is something which rings true within the creative process I place so much value on;

Creativity has been defined as “the process of bringing something new into being” (Rollo May 1994). Creativity is all about change and so if it is change that we desire then isn't it only natural to move towards a creative act in manifesting our desires?

Given the weight of the potential of creative visualization for manifestation I would be incredibly mindful in the process of creating your Vision Board; the kinds of imagery you chose and the aspirations / desires they represent. It is important that you spend time considering small and meaningful aspirations, ones that you wish to take with you beyond the foreseeable. Ones that will truly fulfill you. For example, “I will spend more time connecting with the people who matter in my life, I will practice being present and grateful, I will spend more time singing out loud in the shower” (because that stuff is good for the soul) etc.

If your aspirations include the more practical kind of desires of course they should be included. Incorporate the image of something that represents the bigger car you wish to drive or the new house you wish to live in. Just be mindful how much space these kinds of representations are taking up in your vision. You want to really consider your mind, body and soul.

Below is an image of mine. About A2 in size it really is just a collage of images cut out from old magazines (some printed from online sources gathered over time) but it is what they represent for me that is important. Giving the time to gather the images, considering what they represent and assessing how important they are for me, were all such significant elements in manifesting my own vision.

So, what will you need to create your own Vision Board?

1) Time - Really give yourself time to gather your images. For some that will mean collecting them over weeks.. but for others that might mean a very stringent twenty-minute block of time specifically carved out for you to devour all of your old magazines and newspapers. Google and a printer may also be an option if you don't have much to work with. Maybe both...?

2) Glue - Your choice! Pritstick is just fine but if you want to get gloopy by all means go for it!

3) Scissors

4) the largest piece of Board / Card you can find - There is always something you can use, trust me.

5) a Space to work, preferably in private.

Important) Consider where you would like to put it when you have finished. You might like to put it somewhere private for your eyes only, or, you might be very passionate about putting it up on the bathroom wall so you can look at it while you.. clean the bathroom..? Mine is not in the bathroom. Although I am seriously considering moving it..

Final Tip) Have fun with it! It should be an incredibly uplifting and enjoyable time set aside for yourself to consider what it is you really want.

As always be kind to yourself in the process and allow it to teach you something about yourself. If it is a complete disaster and you never want to make a Vision Board again maybe that is the thing you have learned..?

While there are therapeutic qualities to this activity it does not equate an art therapy session. This is a creative exercise for you to do at home to help support you in manifesting your own personal desires. If you require more extensive support in doing so please do contact a professional.

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